Meet the Founders

Josh Manley

Hello, I’m Josh, married with young son named Carter. I like to bike, hike, travel and learn new things. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial drive and have built several successful e-commerce companies selling over $25M worth of products over the years. It was through one of these companies that the idea for RADMARC was born. It was a DIY fence and gate company and I wanted to find other ways to advertise besides just Google and Facebook. We had always had luck selling to neighbors of customers so I thought I’d send them a postcard! BUT I also wanted to target our ideal customer profile… homeowners over 35 with a $100k-$500k household income that had moved into their house within the past 5 years. Come to find out, that was much easier said that done. Not only was the design, printing and mailing process arduous and old-fashioned, the targeting was archaic. Why couldn’t I target like Google and Facebook and mail these out with a few clicks? Why couldn’t I integrate it with my shopping cart and only send to neighbors of orders sold after they aged 90 days (when the fence was likely to already be installed) and orders over $4000 (making it more likely their neighbor had a good size order as well)? It was frustrating to say the least and that is how RADMARC came to be. I got with my buddy Matt who had already built all of my other backend systems for my e-commerce companies and we built a solution. Fast forward a few years and we’ve honed and tweaked it, built out our printing network; applied for a utility patent, built an awesome app and have turned it into it’s own company! Crazy how that works. I’m on the sales and solutions side and if you contact us about a Concierge or Enterprise plan, I’m the guy you’ll be talking to.

Matt Bender

Hi, I’m Matt, married with twins (yep go ahead and gasp) lol. It’s hard work but very rewarding and I wouldn’t change a thing. In addition to building a family, I’ve also ran a software development agency for the past decade, building out websites, order systems, apps and doing a lot of white label work for very large companies. I have a Software Engineering degree from Kent State University, but honestly creativity and connecting the dots between business and technology is really what has made me successful. You have to be able to step into a business’s shoes and see where they are coming from before you can build them a great product. That is what I have done for Josh all these years with his companies and what we do with RADMARC. When he came to me with the idea, I couldn’t believe a better solution for such a proven marketing strategy such as direct mail wasn’t out there. With everyone going digital via Facebook, Google, Instagram, Bing, Pinterest, etc., it seemed like an amazing opportunity to bridge the gap digital and physical world; offering something unique that could really make a difference for businesses out there. As you’d probably guess, my role here is to build the product. I’m the guy that will be helping if there is an issue with the app or if you need to merge multiple demographic lists to come up with your unique customer targeting. Such as mothers in their 1st trimester that just moved into a new home and you’d like to send them a postcard about your baby furniture line… yep we can do that :)